Pets as Gifts

Oh, it is sooo wonderful to get a new puppy or kitten as a gift; especially for Christmas or Birthdays!! Something you and the family can hold and cuddle and love! Oooh, such a good feeling! Click to read more

Bringing Home Your New Pet

Getting a new pet is exciting for all! If you are single this is a new buddy/side kick. Someone to run with; watch TV with, or just go out cruising. If you have a family you have just acquired a new protector, clown, confidant, and playmate for you and your children. Click to read more

Protect Your Pets During the Winter Season

With the onset of cold weather, it would be a good time to spare a thought for our cuddly friends, as there are some hazards that we should pay particular attention to. Click to read more

Potty Training

Once you get your puppy home the first thing you will be concerned with is potty training. The following is the best way we have found to make this task a success. Click to read article

Your Pet’s First Visit to the Groomer

Anyone with a dog that will require constant grooming should start out by taking your dog in for a simple bath and brush. Click to read more

Obedience – It Could Save a Life

The importance of obedience applies to more than just the everyday life of your dog. Imagine your family enjoying a BBQ on the front lawn; kids playing ball with your dog and the ball bounces toward the street with a car speeding by!! Click to read more

In The Summer Heat

We are all concerned about the rising temperatures this Summer. We worry about our kids staying out too long and suffering from dehydration as well as ourselves. But, are we concerned enough about our pets? Click to read



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