In 1975 I began training dogs in obedience for private individuals that wanted a well-mannered family companion. In 1987 I began competing in the conformation arena, obedience ring and on the agility course. I have been certified as an Animal Evaluator for Animal Assisted Therapy and volunteer at various hospitals, day care centers and prisons.

While in the Armed Forces I successfully completed the "Animal Care Specialist course: (Veterinary Technician). This makes it advantageous in determining when something is symptomatically wrong with my clients.

I used the basics that I learned from a wonderful handler and have added my own flair. This mix has created a winning combination. Each potential show dog will be evaluated on its' own merits and against its' own standard before I will agree to take it on as a client.

Movement, animation and free-baiting are qualities I love in my show dogs. When training a new dog I like to make it as much a game as possible. Performing in the ring should be high energy, fun and exciting.

I teach with lots of praise. All clients' dogs enjoy a rotation through the house to ensure proper socialization and create the bond required for us to make a winning team.. This is, after all, a SPORT, where teamwork and fun are the name of the game!

I thoroughly enjoy my job as a handler/trainer. Molding these young dogs into winners is like creating a work of art. I start with the basics; structural soundness, level top lines, reach and drive, animation and personality: then I strive to create a winner.

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