I have been training all breeds of dogs since 1975. I began working with families who wanted a "well-mannered" house companion. While in the Armed Forces, I successfully completed the "Animal Care Specialist" course (Veterinary Technician). I have been certified as an Animal Evaluator for Animal Assisted Therapy and volunteer at various hospitals, day care centers and prisons.

When interviewing a potential client I want to know what YOU expect as an "end-result". Do you want to be able to take "Spot" for a leisurely walk in the park? Have him sit quietly while entertaining a friend? Or, would you prefer a more formal training program to include performance titles?

My certification as an Animal Evaluator makes it easier for me to assess your dog's temperament and willingness to learn. I will design a training program specifically for YOUR dog based on YOUR expectations and his abilities.This is a team effort: myself as the trainer, the dog as the trainee and you (the owner) as the support team to encourage as well as re-enforce the training after he has returned home.

When training for obedience I like to make the sessions as much of a game as possible. Performing the exercises needs to become the dogs idea - making the training sessions fun and exciting.

All client's dogs enjoy a rotation through the house to ensure proper socialization. This also helps create the bond required to make a successful team.

Training dogs for other people can be a touchy subject. Most of the dog fancy cannot understand why people would not train their dog themselves. I understand that most hard working individuals who want a well behaved family companion do not have the time to commit to the training. This is why customized training designed for YOUR needs becomes critical.

When your dog has completed its training, I will reserve the time to familiarize you with the commands. This has always proved to be a great Q&A session to ensure a smooth return into the family environment.

Inquiries regarding fees and space availability for In-house training and Private lessons, please contact Karen Mounts at 972-524-6522
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