About the Owners


About the Owners

There are many choices available for dog care and grooming, but Ken and Karen Hapgood are making sure that Paws Up Performance Site stands out as a place for much more than just a haircut or nail clip.

They are much more than just Groomers, they are everything ‘Dog’. Ken and Karen both come from a long background of competition in conformation, obedience, and various performance events. While in the Armed Forces, Karen successfully completed the ‘Animal Care Specialist’ course (Veterinary Technician). She has been training dogs since 1975. They are both Certified Senior Animal Evaluators and have been partners since 1997. They have volunteered, with their dogs, at various hospitals, daycare centers, and prisons. Ken and Karen were both Professional Handler’s for 15 years. They ‘showed’ multiple breeds in various venues (i.e. AKC, UKC, IABCA, ICKC, ICE, FCI, CKC, 4-H). Having finished hundreds of Champions and Grand Champions, they have also won Groups up to Best In Show. Ken and Karen are now Judges. This vast experience in handling, training and behavior analysis gives them a distinct advantage when it comes to interacting with a client’s pet.

It is important for them to know what their client’s want their dogs to look like. They take time to get to know them and their lifestyles to design a groom that will suit their pet best. With years of experience on the dog show circuit; including Breed, Group, and Best In Show Grand Champions on a national level, Ken and Karen provide valuable insight for customers. Many clients rely on them as a resource for behavioral and health issues. They take time to understand what each dog is all about and work from there.

Ken and Karen understand that many dogs don’t get out except for going to the vet or the groomers and that can be a radical change from their normal home routine on the couch. If a dog has issues or just doesn’t like being groomed, they will do whatever they can to make the dog feel comfortable.

With locations in Terrell and Forney, Paws Up offers Grooming, Boarding, Training, Pet Supplies, Microchipping, Premium Pet Food, and Supplements