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Potty Training

Karen Hapgood

Once you get your puppy home the first thing you will be concerned with is potty training. The following is the best way we have found to make this task a success. We have a crate for the puppy’s sleeping quarters. Attach an exercise pen (portable fencing that comes in various sizes and heights) to each side of the crate making a circular play area in front of the open-door crate. Newspaper is placed on the floor in the pen, and place food and water off to one side of the pen. After a few days only put paper on half the floor space. A few days later cut the paper area in half again.

When your puppy knows what the paper is for you can place a small area of paper near the door that you want your puppy to go out. This is for the time when you are home and can supervise your puppy being loose in the house. If you work, I recommend leaving the puppy confined in the pen area.

When you are at home, take your puppy outside about every two hours. When your puppy does his/her business, praise them enthusiastically! You can even give them a treat. This will speed up the potty training process.

Should there be an accident by your puppy in your home you should escort your puppy to the place of the accident, before cleaning it up, and scold your puppy. You may either tap him on the nose or strongly tell him NO, or you can swat him on the behind and strongly tell him NO. After the correction take your puppy outside IMMEDIATELY. When your puppy does his business outside PRAISE him enthusiastically. Always end a training session on a good note.

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