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Training and Obedience

What Do You Want Out of Training?

Training and Obedience

What Do You Want Out of Training?

Do you want to be able to take 'Spot' for a leisurely walk in the park? Have him sit quietly while entertaining a friend? Or, would you prefer a more formal training program to include a performance title? Paws Up offers a variety of training programs to include: obedience, conformation, and customized training.

When training in obedience, we like to make the sessions as much of a game as possible. Performing the exercises needs to be the dogs' idea. This is a team effort: Us as the trainers, the dog as the trainee, and you (the owner) as the support team, to encourage as well as reinforce the training while away from class. Our certification as Senior Animal Evaluators makes it easier for us to assess your dog's temperament and willingness to learn.

Beginner Obedience Course


6 weeks


1 hour per week.


Wednesdays at 7:00 p.m. and throughout the day on Sundays.


15210 Hwy 205, Terrell, Texas 75160




Call for rates on Private and Group Classes.


To give the owner/handler a set of skills that will allow them to continue training after the course completion.


Copy of annual shot record and Rabies Certificate and a 6' leash, proper fitting metal slip collar.

Obedience Training will cover the following commands and concepts:

heeling- Dog walks on a loose lead to the left of the handler with it's head level with the handler's leg.

sit- Dog will learn to automatically sit at Heel position without command when handler halts. All other instances of 'Sit' will be at handler's command and discretion.

down- Dog will down on command, in any situation at handler's discretion.

stay- All three versions of 'Stay' will be taught; sit stay, down stay, stand stay.

wait- A management command used in a variety of instances particularly as a precursor to the recall.

recall- To come when called from any location or position.

leave it- A management command to teach the dog to 'leave' a certain item or situation that could potentially be harmful.

off- A management command to teach the dog to 'get off'. Example: whether it is to get off furniture or stop jumping on a person, door or window.

Once you have completed the first 6 weeks, you can continue training for consistency and reliability. More advanced training is also available. For more information please speak with your trainer.

Conformation Classes focus on two aspects:

The first is the training of the handler/owner on 'How To' properly move and present a dog in the show ring. Ken and Karen were professional handler's for over 15 years. They are now Judges. This experience is advantageous when teaching people how to properly move a dog around the ring and present them to a Judge for exam.

The second aspect is training the dog how to be a 'Show Dog'. The basics would be movement around the ring, standing for exam, and opening the mouth for the judges to check for 'bite' and correct number of teeth. Each breed has specific criteria to meet their own Breed Standard. Ken and Karen can evaluate each dog as to its' own merits.

Handling Classes for the Handler/Owner:

Handling Classes for Handler's to train their dogs:

Socialization exercises will be performed depending on class size and participation.

For inquiries regarding space availability in classes or private lessons, please contact Ken or Karen Hapgood at 972-524-6522

Paws Up (Terrell) 15210 Hwy 205 Terrell, TX 75160


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