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Your Pet’s First Visit to the Groomer

Karen Hapgood

Anyone with a dog that will require constant grooming should start out by taking your dog in for a simple bath and brush. This is a fairly simple routine that allows the Groomer and the dog time to get acquainted. After the second or third visit you should be able to tell that your dog is “Happy to be there” and you can request a more in-depth grooming.

Always talk to your Groomer. Let them know how YOU want your dog to look. If you are not sure, ask your Groomer for suggestions. Look at pictures of different styles. When you pick up your dog ask questions.

How well did he do that day?

Did you find anything unusual or out of the ordinary? (lumps, bumps, fleas, ticks, cuts, tender spots, etc.)

A conscientious Groomer will be happy to talk with you about coat type, infestations, or even let you know if your dog loves his bath, yet but may not be happy about the nail trim. Our Groomers will be happy to give you tips on helping your dog overcome some of his anxieties.

As Groomers we can tell if the dog’s diet has been changed by the change in coat texture. Because we have a background in veterinary medicine we can recognize ear infections and/or yeast build up in the ears. We will be happy to give you tips on daily grooming and dietary assistance. Your Groomer can help identify minor problems before they become significant health issues in your pet.

The one rule to remember:


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